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Carli & Hunter – A winter wedding in Michigan

You know those beautiful, romantic movies where childhood friends crush on one another, but they grow up and go their separate ways, only to have fate bring them back together as adults? Yeah, that’s the story of Carli and Hunter.

There’s a distinct sense of connection that surrounds two people who’ve known one another through different stages of their lives. For instance, I know for a fact the friends I had growing up through my middle school awkward stage are mine for life – there’s a level of intimacy and trust we extend to these special people in our lives (but please, if you’re reading this, burn our old M.A.S.H. notebook pages you kept…please!).

Carli and Hunter were friends as kids, and while Carli swooned over his super suave blue hair and skater style, these kids would go their separate ways and grow up a little more before meeting again. Jump back up to the the romantic movie reference – was I right, or was I right? Read on.

The two reacquainted while they were each living with mutual friends (who just so happened to be dating – the romcom plot continues), and once Hunter’s dog, Lilly, became involved…the rest was history. And now we’ve gone full romcom circle.

After five years of growing together, totally content with the life they were building without the “marriage” label, Hunter surprised Carli with the most beautiful proposal, on a ledge overlooking the Pictured Rocks (a place Carli had always dreamed of visiting) – he asked the easiest question she’d ever answer, and she said YES!

The Smith’s wedding – the venue, the caterers, the details, the love, the laughter, the whole day – was a beautiful celebration of the marriage of two wonderful people who found one another at just the right time. Cheers to you, Hunter and Carli!

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